Hello traders,

Those are results for last two weeks for those of
You who donated to my Signal Service.
This result is
counted only by adding TP1 as a target (TP2 is  extra) and one take
profit per trade only.

Anybody else who traded my charts as well ( Gold, Crude, EUR/USD to name a few) could made potentialy  thousand of  pips.

Grand total since 20December 2012 is      +679 pips!

Congratulations to everyone!

Take care,
Sebastian Seliga

Please notice that due to many unexpected problems sending signals via
SMS is no longer available. Twitter, @ or facebook comunicator only.
Weeks from 31Dec – 11Jan:
 Forex Signal No.6| Buy EUR/USD@1.3175 | SL:1.3155 | TP1:1.330, TP2: 1.3400| 2012.12.31 17:45 CET | +123 pips, Manual Close on 1.3398
 Forex Signal No.7|Buy AUD/USD@1.0343|SL:1.0333|TP:1.0419| 2012.12.31 14:30 CET |Agressive Buy| Invalidated
 Forex Signal No.8|Buy AUD/USD@1.0305|SL:1.0280|TP. 1.0419| 2012.12.31 14:30 CET |Invalidated
Forex Signal No.9| Sell GBP/USD@1.6200 | SL:1.6220 | TP:1.6150 | 2012.12.31 14:40 CET| -20pips
Forex Signal No.10| Sell USD/JPY@86.35 | SL:86.65 | TP:85.01 | 2012.12.31 16:20 CET|-30pips
Forex Signal No.11| Sell USD/JPY@86.60 | SL:86.70| TP:85.01 | 2012.12.31 19:55 CET|-10pips
Forex Signal No.12| Buy EUR/USD@1.3255 | SL:1.3245 | TP1:1.3298| 2013.01.01 10:50 CET | -10pips Ariel Scalp
Forex Signal No.13|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2620|SL:1.2595|TP1: 1.2700| TP2:1.2785|2013.01.02 14:345 CET |-25pips
 Forex Signal No.14| Buy EUR/USD@1.3163 | SL:1.3149 | TP1:1.3220, TP2: 1.3250| 2012.12.31 19:35 CET |Invalidated
Forex Signal No.15|Buy EUR/JPY@114.70|SL:114.49|TP:115.50| 2013.01.02 20:02 CET |Agressive Buy|-21pips
Forex Signal No.16|Buy EUR/JPY@114.27|SL:113.89|TP:115.50| 2013.01.03 11:26 CET | -38pips
Forex Signal No.17|Buy EUR/JPY@114.02|SL:113.89|TP:115.50| 2013.01.03 11:26 CET | -13pips
Forex Signal No.18|Buy EUR/USD@1.3065|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.03 14:10 CET |Aggresive Buy Swing| Closed @ 1.3100 +35pips
Forex Signal No.19|Buy EUR/USD@1.3050|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.03 14:10 CET |Classic Buy Swing|Closed @ 1.3100 +50pips
Forex Signal No.20|Buy EUR/USD@1.3010|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.04 09:30 CET |Classic Buy Swing|Closed @ 1.3100 +90pips
Forex Signal No.21|Buy EUR/USD@1.2981|SL:1.2960|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.04 11:30 CET |Classic Buy Swing| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.22| Buy GBP/USD@1.6003 | SL:1.5973 | TP:1.6143 | 2013.01.04 12:05 CET| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.23|Sell USD/JPY@88.28 | SL:89.30| TP1:87.01 |TP2:85.84|2013.01.04 12.45 CET|Agressive Swing Sell |Closed @ 87.68 +60pips
Forex Signal No.24|Sell USD/JPY@88.77 | SL:89.30| TP1:87.01 |TP2:85.84|2013.01.04 12.45 CET|Classic Swing Sell | Invalidated
Forex Signal No.25|Sell Stop Gold XAUUSD@1625| SL:1640| TP:1540 |2013.01.04 14:00 CET|Classic Swing Sell
Forex Signal No.26|Sell AUD/USD@1.0444 | SL:1.0484| TP1:1.0350 |TP2:1.0301|2013.01.04 14.25 CET|Agressive Swing Sell -38pips
Forex Signal No.27|Sell AUD/USD@1.0475 | SL:1.0484| TP1:1.0350 |TP2:1.0301|2013.01.04 14.25 CET|Classic Swing Sell -8pips
Forex Signal No.28|Buy Gold XAUUSD@1640| SL:1624| TP1:1678 |TP2:1698 |2013.01.06 19:00 CET|Agressive  Swing Buy
Forex Signal No.29|Buy USD/JPY@86.79 | SL:86.59| TP1:89.01 |TP2: 90.00|2013.01.06 20.35 CET| Bought manually from 86.84| Closed manually@87.52 +68pips |TP1 HIT +242pips
Forex Signal No.30|Buy USD/JPY@85.79 | SL:85.59| TP1:89.01 |TP2: 90.00|2013.01.06 20.35 CET|Agressive Swing Buy
Forex Signal No.31|Buy USD/JPY@87.70 | SL:87.55| TP1:88.61 |TP2: 89.10|2013.01.07 10.35 CET|Agressive Swing Bu|-15pips
Forex Signal No.31|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2450| SL:1.2437| TP1.2490 |TP2:1.2517|2013.01.09 00.35 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|SL HIT -13pips
Forex Signal No.32|Buy GBP/JPY@139.50| SL:139.35| TP1:139.99|TP2:140.40|2013.01.09 00.50 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|TP1 HIT|T2 HIT +50pips (+90pips)
Forex Signal No.33|Sell EUR/USD@1.3054| SL:1.3075| TP1:1.3015|TP2:1.2980|2013.01.09 12:30 CET| SL Hit -19pips
Forex Signal No.34|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2400| SL:1.2378| TP1.2490 |TP2:1.2517|2013.01.09 22.55 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|-22pips
Forex Signal No.35|Buy EUR/JPY@114.53| SL:113.99| TP115.53 |TP2:115.90|2013.01.09 23.05 CET|Agressive Swing Buy| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.36|Buy GBP/JPY@140.50| SL:139.99| TP141.50 |TP2:142.00|2013.01.09 23.10 CET|Agressive Swing Buy| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.37|Sell Crude Oil@93.60| SL:93.85| TP:92.60 |2013.01.09 23.15 CET|Swing Sell|-25pips
Forex Signal No.38|Buy USD/CAD@0.9830| SL:0.9819| TP:0.9950 |2013.01.09 23.20 CET|Scalp Buy SL |-11pips
Forex Signal No.39|Buy  Crude Oil@93.85| SL:92.85| TP1: 95.00 |TP2:95.50|2013.01.10 10:50CET|Scalp Buy |Partial Close Manually: +40pips Second Close:+75pips
Forex Signal No.40|Buy  Crude Oil@93.85| SL:93.75| TP1: 95.00 |TP2:95.50|2013.01.10 14:00CET|Scalp Buy |Closed Manually: +20pips
Forex Signal No.41|Buy GBP/USD@1.6130| SL:1.6119| TP1:1.6170| TP2:1.6210|2013.01.11 09:45 CET|Scalp Buy |SL Hit -10pips
Forex Signal No.42|Sell AUD/USD@1.0595| SL:1.0630| TP1:1.0505| TP2:1.0400|2013.01.11 10:50 CET|Swing Sell  
Forex Signal No.43|Buy EUR/USD@1.3252| SL:1.3245| TP1:1.3280| TP2:1.3300|2013.01.11 13:10 CET|Scalp Buy | Closed manually +20pips |TP1:HIT, TP2:HIT +55pips
Grand Total: +534pips!

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Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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