Results of my Signal Service

Hello traders,

Those are results for last two weeks for those of
You who donated to my Signal Service.
This result is
counted only by adding TP1 as a target (TP2 is  extra) and one take
profit per trade only.

Anybody else who traded my charts as well ( Gold, Crude, EUR/USD to name a few) could made potentialy  thousand of  pips.

Grand total since 20December 2012 is      +679 pips!

Congratulations to everyone!

Take care,
Sebastian Seliga

Please notice that due to many unexpected problems sending signals via
SMS is no longer available. Twitter, @ or facebook comunicator only.
Weeks from 31Dec – 11Jan:
 Forex Signal No.6| Buy EUR/USD@1.3175 | SL:1.3155 | TP1:1.330, TP2: 1.3400| 2012.12.31 17:45 CET | +123 pips, Manual Close on 1.3398
 Forex Signal No.7|Buy AUD/USD@1.0343|SL:1.0333|TP:1.0419| 2012.12.31 14:30 CET |Agressive Buy| Invalidated
 Forex Signal No.8|Buy AUD/USD@1.0305|SL:1.0280|TP. 1.0419| 2012.12.31 14:30 CET |Invalidated
Forex Signal No.9| Sell GBP/USD@1.6200 | SL:1.6220 | TP:1.6150 | 2012.12.31 14:40 CET| -20pips
Forex Signal No.10| Sell USD/JPY@86.35 | SL:86.65 | TP:85.01 | 2012.12.31 16:20 CET|-30pips
Forex Signal No.11| Sell USD/JPY@86.60 | SL:86.70| TP:85.01 | 2012.12.31 19:55 CET|-10pips
Forex Signal No.12| Buy EUR/USD@1.3255 | SL:1.3245 | TP1:1.3298| 2013.01.01 10:50 CET | -10pips Ariel Scalp
Forex Signal No.13|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2620|SL:1.2595|TP1: 1.2700| TP2:1.2785|2013.01.02 14:345 CET |-25pips
 Forex Signal No.14| Buy EUR/USD@1.3163 | SL:1.3149 | TP1:1.3220, TP2: 1.3250| 2012.12.31 19:35 CET |Invalidated
Forex Signal No.15|Buy EUR/JPY@114.70|SL:114.49|TP:115.50| 2013.01.02 20:02 CET |Agressive Buy|-21pips
Forex Signal No.16|Buy EUR/JPY@114.27|SL:113.89|TP:115.50| 2013.01.03 11:26 CET | -38pips
Forex Signal No.17|Buy EUR/JPY@114.02|SL:113.89|TP:115.50| 2013.01.03 11:26 CET | -13pips
Forex Signal No.18|Buy EUR/USD@1.3065|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.03 14:10 CET |Aggresive Buy Swing| Closed @ 1.3100 +35pips
Forex Signal No.19|Buy EUR/USD@1.3050|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.03 14:10 CET |Classic Buy Swing|Closed @ 1.3100 +50pips
Forex Signal No.20|Buy EUR/USD@1.3010|SL:1.2990|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.04 09:30 CET |Classic Buy Swing|Closed @ 1.3100 +90pips
Forex Signal No.21|Buy EUR/USD@1.2981|SL:1.2960|TP:1.3160| TP2:1.3219|2013.01.04 11:30 CET |Classic Buy Swing| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.22| Buy GBP/USD@1.6003 | SL:1.5973 | TP:1.6143 | 2013.01.04 12:05 CET| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.23|Sell USD/JPY@88.28 | SL:89.30| TP1:87.01 |TP2:85.84|2013.01.04 12.45 CET|Agressive Swing Sell |Closed @ 87.68 +60pips
Forex Signal No.24|Sell USD/JPY@88.77 | SL:89.30| TP1:87.01 |TP2:85.84|2013.01.04 12.45 CET|Classic Swing Sell | Invalidated
Forex Signal No.25|Sell Stop Gold XAUUSD@1625| SL:1640| TP:1540 |2013.01.04 14:00 CET|Classic Swing Sell
Forex Signal No.26|Sell AUD/USD@1.0444 | SL:1.0484| TP1:1.0350 |TP2:1.0301|2013.01.04 14.25 CET|Agressive Swing Sell -38pips
Forex Signal No.27|Sell AUD/USD@1.0475 | SL:1.0484| TP1:1.0350 |TP2:1.0301|2013.01.04 14.25 CET|Classic Swing Sell -8pips
Forex Signal No.28|Buy Gold XAUUSD@1640| SL:1624| TP1:1678 |TP2:1698 |2013.01.06 19:00 CET|Agressive  Swing Buy
Forex Signal No.29|Buy USD/JPY@86.79 | SL:86.59| TP1:89.01 |TP2: 90.00|2013.01.06 20.35 CET| Bought manually from 86.84| Closed manually@87.52 +68pips |TP1 HIT +242pips
Forex Signal No.30|Buy USD/JPY@85.79 | SL:85.59| TP1:89.01 |TP2: 90.00|2013.01.06 20.35 CET|Agressive Swing Buy
Forex Signal No.31|Buy USD/JPY@87.70 | SL:87.55| TP1:88.61 |TP2: 89.10|2013.01.07 10.35 CET|Agressive Swing Bu|-15pips
Forex Signal No.31|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2450| SL:1.2437| TP1.2490 |TP2:1.2517|2013.01.09 00.35 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|SL HIT -13pips
Forex Signal No.32|Buy GBP/JPY@139.50| SL:139.35| TP1:139.99|TP2:140.40|2013.01.09 00.50 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|TP1 HIT|T2 HIT +50pips (+90pips)
Forex Signal No.33|Sell EUR/USD@1.3054| SL:1.3075| TP1:1.3015|TP2:1.2980|2013.01.09 12:30 CET| SL Hit -19pips
Forex Signal No.34|Buy EUR/AUD@1.2400| SL:1.2378| TP1.2490 |TP2:1.2517|2013.01.09 22.55 CET|Agressive Swing Buy|-22pips
Forex Signal No.35|Buy EUR/JPY@114.53| SL:113.99| TP115.53 |TP2:115.90|2013.01.09 23.05 CET|Agressive Swing Buy| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.36|Buy GBP/JPY@140.50| SL:139.99| TP141.50 |TP2:142.00|2013.01.09 23.10 CET|Agressive Swing Buy| Invalidated
Forex Signal No.37|Sell Crude Oil@93.60| SL:93.85| TP:92.60 |2013.01.09 23.15 CET|Swing Sell|-25pips
Forex Signal No.38|Buy USD/CAD@0.9830| SL:0.9819| TP:0.9950 |2013.01.09 23.20 CET|Scalp Buy SL |-11pips
Forex Signal No.39|Buy  Crude Oil@93.85| SL:92.85| TP1: 95.00 |TP2:95.50|2013.01.10 10:50CET|Scalp Buy |Partial Close Manually: +40pips Second Close:+75pips
Forex Signal No.40|Buy  Crude Oil@93.85| SL:93.75| TP1: 95.00 |TP2:95.50|2013.01.10 14:00CET|Scalp Buy |Closed Manually: +20pips
Forex Signal No.41|Buy GBP/USD@1.6130| SL:1.6119| TP1:1.6170| TP2:1.6210|2013.01.11 09:45 CET|Scalp Buy |SL Hit -10pips
Forex Signal No.42|Sell AUD/USD@1.0595| SL:1.0630| TP1:1.0505| TP2:1.0400|2013.01.11 10:50 CET|Swing Sell  
Forex Signal No.43|Buy EUR/USD@1.3252| SL:1.3245| TP1:1.3280| TP2:1.3300|2013.01.11 13:10 CET|Scalp Buy | Closed manually +20pips |TP1:HIT, TP2:HIT +55pips
Grand Total: +534pips!

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