Signal Service Trading Results 04-08March 2013

Hello Traders!

Those are trading results on Signal Service for last week into two categories: scalp and swing.
Total of pips earned is a MININAL (basic) amount of pips, because IN SCALP TRADES ONLY TP1 IS BEING COUNTED!!!
So the potential amount of pips earned is much better.

Weeks From 04.03.2013 – 08.03.2013:

Forex Signal No.115|Buy  AUD/USD@1.0135| SL:1.0099| TP1:1.0235| TP2:1.0286|2013.02.27 12:35 CET| ScalpBuy |Closed @ 1.0163 +28pips | TP1 HIT: +100pips
Forex Signal No.135|Sell  EUR/USD@1.3047| SL:1.3077| TP1:1.2917| TP2:1.2877|2013.03.07 09:45 CET|Scalp Sell| –30pips
Forex Signal No.134|Buy USD/JPY@94.00| SL:93.75| TP1:94.50| TP2:94.79| 2013.03.07 09.05 CET| ScalpBuy|Live Tweet|SL Moved to 93.85| TP1 HIT: +50pips |TP2CHANGE to 94.99|TP2:Hit +50pips

Forex Signal No.133|Sell  EUR/USD@1.3017| SL:1.3022| TP1:1.2917| TP2:1.2877|2013.03.07 08:45 CET|Scalp Sell|Closed 0 pips
Forex Signal No.132|Buy USD/JPY@93.43| SL:93.25| TP1:93.73| TP2:94.00|2013.03.06 10:05 CET| ScalpBuy|Live Tweet Closed +15pips | TP1 HIT:+30pips | TP2 HIT: +57pips|
Forex Signal No.130|Sell  NZD/USD@0.8353| SL:0.8365| TP1:0.8290| TP2:0.8230|2013.03.05 09:45 CET|Scalp Sell| 0 pips (Missed by 4pips!!!)
Forex Signal No.129|Sell  EUR/GBP@0.8708| SL:0.8725| TP1:0.8608| TP2:0.8575|2013.03.03 18:45 CET|Scalp Sell|CLOSED @ BE 0 pips.
TOTAL: +150 ( with TP2: 257pips)
Forex Signal No.127a|Buy  GBP/USD@1.4990| SL:1.4959| TP1:1.5200| TP2:1.5300|2013.03.03 12:00 CET| Swing Buy |Closed @ 1.5055 +65pips
Forex Signal No.127b|Buy  GBP/USD@1.4970| SL:1.4959| TP1:1.5200| TP2:1.5300|2013.03.03 12:00 CET| Swing Buy| Closed @ 1.5055 +85pips
Forex Signal No.124a|Sell USD/CAD@1.0249| SL:1.0390| TP1:1.0150|TP2:1.0090|2013.02.28 12:05 CET|Swing Sell|Closed -75pips
Forex Signal No.124b|Sell USD/CAD@1.0300| SL:1.0390| TP1:1.0150|TP2:1.0090|2013.02.28 21:30 CET|Swing Sell| Closed -25pips
Total: +50pips

Total this week: +200pips

Week from 20Dec – 30Dec:               +145pips
Weeks from 31Dec – 11Jan:              +543 pips
Week from  14Jan – 18 Jan                +208pips
Week from 21Jan – 25Jan                 +215pips
Week from 28Jan – 1Feb                  +128pips( +10 Dax points + 8$ on Gold)
Week from 04Feb-08Feb                   +93pips  
Weeks From 11.02- 22.02.2013          +138pips,(+$66 on Gold, -10Dax  points)
Week from 25.02 – 01.03. 2013           +158pisps in scalp, +180pips in swing, -3 SP500 points
Week from 04.03 – 08.03. 2013           +150pips in scalp,   +50pips in swing

Grand Total since 20.12.2012               +2008pips! 
                                                              0 DAX Points
                                                               -3 SP500 points 
                                                               +$86 Gold

Some of the swing trades are still in play: those are not leveraged trades

Green Pips,
Sebasitan Seliga

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