Hello Traders!

Not very impressive result this week mainly due to very quiet market for first 3days of the week.
good signals for scalp on EURUSD  and two signals for swing long on
GBPUD  has not been filled as well. Pity, because there were a near
Anyway: profit is profit.

Those are trading results on Signal Service for last week into two categories: scalp and swing signal
Total of pips earned is a MININAL (basic) amount of pips, because IN SCALP TRADES ONLY TP1 IS BEING COUNTED!!!
So the potential amount of pips earned is much better.

Weeks From 10.03.2013 – 15.03.2013:

Forex Signal No.153|Buy USD/CAD@1.0150|SL:1.0137|TP1:1.0210|2013.03.15|13:30  CET|Scalp Buy 
Forex Signal No.152|Buy EUR/USD@1.2980| SL:1.29658|TP1:1.3000|TP2:1.3050|2013.03.15|10:00  CET|Scalp Buy
Forex Signal No.150|Sell  EUR/USD@1.2973| SL:1.2986| TP1:1.2895|TP2:1.2880|2013.03.14|11:00  CET|Scalp Sell| INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.149|Sell GBP/USD@1.4963| SL:1.4975| TP1:1.4943|TP2:1.4913|2013.3.1311:00 CET|LIVE TWEET|SLhit -12 pips
Forex Signal No.148|Buy  EUR/JPY@123.55| SL:123.39| TP1:124.55| TP2:125.75|2013.03.12 11:45 CET|Scalp Buy
Forex Signal No.147|Sell GBP/USD@1.4870| SL:1.4901| TP1:1.4800|TP2:1.4775|2013.3.12 10:30 CET|LIVE TWEET| SL=BE|Closed +20pips
Forex Signal No.146|Buy AUD/USD@1.0295| SL:1.0272| TP1:1.0355|TP2:1.0415|2013.3.12 10:25 CET|Scalp Buy|SL=BE| TP change to 1.0355|SL=1.0320| OUT: +30pips
Forex Signal No.145|Sell  EUR/USD@1.3070| SL:1.3082| TP1:1.3000| TP2:1.2980|2013.03.11 20:45 CET|Scalp Sell Closed +5pips, TP1 Hit: +20pips
Forex Signal No.144|Sell EUR/GBP@0.8764| SL:0.8781| TP1:0.8675|TP2:0.8624|2013.3.11 22:25 CET|Scalp Sell| Closed -2pips
Forex Signal No.142|Buy USD/CAD@1.0200| SL:1.0183| TP1:1.0300|TP2:1.03300|2013.3.11 22:25 CET|Scalp Buy| INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.141|Sell EUR/AUD@1.2720| SL:1.2735| TP:1.2650 |2013.03.11 22:20 CET| ScalpSell |INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.140|Buy DAX@7910| SL:7893| TP1:8000 TP2:8050|2013.03.11 22:20 CET| ScalpBuy |INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.139|Sell Gold@$1590| SL:$1592| TP1:$1575 TP2:$1565|2013.03.11 22:15 CET| ScalpSell |SL HIT -$2

Forex Signal No.136|Sell  EUR/USD@1.3040| SL:1.3052| TP1:1.3000| TP2:1.2980|2013.03.11 20:45 CET|Scalp Sell SL HIT: -12pips
TOTAL: +46 pips
Forex Signal No.151a|Buy CAD/JPY@93.45| SL:92.89| TP1:95.10|TP2:95.55|2013.03.14|21:50  CET|Swing Buy| IN PLAY
Forex Signal No.151b|Buy CAD/JPY@93.10| SL:92.89| TP1:95.10|TP2:95.55|2013.03.14|21:50  CET|Swing Buy
Forex Signal No.138a|Buy  GBP/JPY@142.88| SL:142.58| TP1:143.88| TP2:144.48|2013.03.11 22:10 CET| Swing Buy | SL HIT: –30pips
Forex Signal No.137a|Buy  GBP/USD@1.4880| SL:1.4859| TP1:1.5100| TP2:1.5200|2013.03.11 22:00 CET| Swing Buy |Closed @ 1.4870 after data -10pips
Forex Signal No.143a|Buy AUD/USD@1.0185| SL:1.0095| TP1:1.0375|TP2:1.0500|2013.3.11 22:25 CET|Swing Buy |INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.143b|Buy AUD/USD@1.0120| SL:1.0095| TP1:1.0375|TP2:1.0500|2013.3.11 22:25 CET|Swing Buy|INVALIDATED
TOTAL: -40pips

Total this week: pips, +6pips
Grand Total since 20.12.2012          +2014pips! 
                                                              0 DAX Points
                                                               -3 SP500 points 
                                                               +$84 Gold

Some of the swing trades are still in play: those are not leveraged trades.

Thanks for another profitable week!

Enjoy the weekend!

Green Pips,
Sebasitan Seliga

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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