Hello Traders!

As You all remeber,  on the first week of May I was on holiday, so there was not much trading at all.
the second week of May I have posted some signals but  for most part of
the week forex  was in consolidation  mode so only 8 signals were
submited. It turned out thet most of them were profitable and You guys
have told me You traded them and made profit. Very well then, I will
count them in!

There have been more live signals posted on my Twitter stream but I will not count them in because it was delayed about 5min. Next week I will tweet them live without delay.

had been setting up a PAMM account most part of the week as well so
sorry for any inconveniance in signals setting and frequency of the
Updates. The details in monitoring the PAMM account are here: http://www.instaforex.com/pamm_monitoring.php?trader=7291706

If You would like to join the PAMM account here is the page that explains the conditions and how to join: https://elliottfxtrader.com/?page_id=1819

week I will start with Weekly Video Update and Weekly Trading Plan. I
will issue signals and trade them in PAMM account. I will try to prepare
more M15 VSA  charts of major forex pairs, but this is a lot of work so I can not promise I will do this at once this weekend.

Anyway thanx for another 18th profitable weeks in a row and I’m looking forward to trade next with with all of You!


Week from 06.05-10.05.2013                   +580pips in swing, -15pips in scalp

Forex Signal No.255a|Sell GBP/USD@1.5560|SL:1.5601|TP1:1.5435|TP2:1.5230|2013.05.08 19:00 CET|SwingSell|TP1 Hit +135pips
Forex Signal No.255b|Sell GBP/USD@1.5555|SL:1.5601|TP1:1.5435|TP2:1.5230|2013.05.08 19:00 CET|SwingSell|TP1 Hit +130pips
Forex Signal No.255c|Sell GBP/USD@1.5554|SL:1.5601|TP1:1.5435|TP2:1.5230|2013.05.08 19:00 CET|SwingSell|TP1 Hit +130pips
Forex Signal No.254|Buy EUR/CAD@1.3075|SL:1.3035|TP1:1.3225|TP2:1.3300|2013.05.07 22:20 CET|SwingBuy|

Forex Signal No.253a|Sell NZD/USD@0.8470|SL:0.8533|TP1:0.8340|TP2:0.8290|2013.05.07 21:20 CET|SwingSell|Closed +15pips |TP2 Hit +180pips
Forex Signal No.253b|Sell NZD/USD@0.8520|SL:0.8533|TP1:0.8340|TP2:0.8290|2013.05.07 21:20 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.252|Buy NatGas@3.860|SL:3.844|TP1:4.050|TP2:4.110|2013.05.07 20:40 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.229|Sell EUR/JPY@131.10|SL:131.25|TP1:130.10|2013.04.21 11:00 CET|ScalpSell|SL Hit -15pips

Week from 29.04-03.05.2013            +112pips in swing, +1point on Soybeans, -3poins in DAX,
Forex Signal No.251a|Sell Dax@7925|SL:7951|TP:7903|2013.04.30 12:00 CET|SwingSell|TP HIT: +22points
Forex Signal No.251b|Sell Dax@7938|SL:7951|TP:7903|2013.04.30 12:00 CET|SwingSell|TP HIT +35points
Forex Signal No.250|Sell CrudeOil@94.45|SL:94.65|TP:93.90|2013.04.30 10:17 CET|ScalpSell|TP Hit +55pips
Forex Signal No.249|Sell Market Soybeans@1383.38|SL:1387|TP1:1366|TP1:1356|2013.04.29 12:00 CET|SwingSell| +1point Closed due to wrong Roll over date on brokers data
Forex Signal No.248|Sell EUR/JPY@128.25|SL:128.80|TP1:127.00|TP1:126.45|2013.04.28 19:00 CET|SwingSell| IN PLAY | SL=BE |0pips
Forex Signal No.247a|Sell DAX@7850|SL:7903|TP1:7450|TP2:7400|2013.04.28 11:00 CET|SwingSell|Closed +10 points
Forex Signal No.247b|Sell DAX@7890|SL:7903|TP1:7450|TP2:7400|2013.04.28 11:00 CET|SwingSell|-13points

Grand Total since 20.12.2012               +5114pips
                                                              +83 DAX Points
                                                               +22 SP500 points 
                                                               +$105 Gold
                                                                +115 NatGas
                                                                +110 Nikkei
                                                                       +5 Corn 
                                                                 +1 Soybeans

Have a nice weeked all!

Green Pips!
Sebastian Seliga

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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