Hello Traders!

Desplite all the good signals that has been issued this week looks like first down week on PAMM account: -1%.

much to say desplite the two facts: (1)  that I have not been taking 
much risk this week as PAMM account deposit has been changing all the
time  and (2) I should run my profits more longer – some positions could
make really nice profit if were kept all week.

Anyone of You who traded accordingly migh made some profits this week.

Those are the results:

Weeks From 13.05.2013 – 17.05.2013:
Forex Signal No.280|Sell Gold@1384.67|SL:1390.80|TP1:1378|2013.05.16 17:30 CET|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed @ 1383 +$1,5
Forex Signal No.279a|Buy GBP/USD@1.5224|SL:1.5188|TP1:1.5264|TP2:1.5300|2013.05.16 11:25 CET|ScalpBuy|SCENARIO 1|TP1 HIT +40pips TP2 HIT +40pips

Forex Signal No.279b|Buy GBP/USD@1.5216|SL:1.5188|TP1:1.5264|TP2:1.5300|2013.05.16 11:25 CET|ScalpBuy|SCENARIO 1|TP1 HIT +48pips TP2 HIT +84pips

Forex Signal No.278|SellAAPL@428.81|SL:430.15|TP1:427|2013.05.15 21:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 429.33 -53pips
Forex Signal No.277|BuyAAPL@424.52|SL:422|TP1:428|2013.05.15 21:30 CET|ScalpBuy|Closed @ 423.12 -140pips
Forex Signal No.276|Sell AAPL@435.89|SL:441|TP1:434.89|2013.05.15 15:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 439.74 +100pips
Forex Signal No.275|Sell AAPL@444.47|SL:451.52|TP1:435|2013.05.15 15:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 443.48 +100pips
Forex Signal No.274|Sell AAPL@441.90|SL:454|TP1:435|2013.05.14 20:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 439.74 +216pips
Forex Signal No.273|Sell AAPL@450.64|SL:452.27|TP1:447|2013.05.14 20:50    CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 449.09 +155pips
Forex Signal No.272a|Sell Gold@1429.13|SL:1434.50|TP1:1422|2013.05.14 18:00 CET|ScalpSell|TP HIT +$7
Forex Signal No.272b|Sell Gold@1427.88|SL:1434.50|TP1:1422|2013.05.14 17:50 CET|ScalpSell|TP HIT +$6
Forex Signal No.271|Buy EUR/JPY@132.32|SL:132.82|TP1:133.00|2013.05.14 17:30 CET|ScalpBuy|Closed @ 132.45 +13pips

Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5345|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.14 11:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT –90pips
Forex Signal No.270b|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5370|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT –65pips
Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5387|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.14 12:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT –50pips
Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5340|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT –95pips
Forex Signal No.269a|Sell DAX@8266|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +20points
Forex Signal No.269b|Sell DAX@8288|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +42points
Forex Signal No.269c|Sell DAX@8308|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +62points
Forex Signal No.268|Sell Crude Oil@94.52|SL:94.88|TP1:94.06|2013.05.13 18:15 CET|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed – 19pips
Forex Signal No.267|Buy Crude Oil@94.82|SL:94.65|TP1:95.50|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|ScalpBuy|LiveTweet|SL Hit – 17pips
Forex Signal No.266a|Sell AUD/JPY@101.24|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:100.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +75pips
Forex Signal No.266b|Sell AUD/JPY@101.10|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +69pips
Forex Signal No.266c|Sell AUD/JPY@100.91|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +50pips
Forex Signal No.266d|Sell AUD/JPY@100.77|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +36pips
Forex Signal No.266e|Sell AUD/JPY@100.56|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +15pips
Forex Signal No.266f|Sell AUD/JPY@100.52|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +9pips
Forex Signal No.265|Sell NatGas@4.140|SL:4.165|TP1:4.000|TP2:3.890|2013.05.15 15:00 CET|SwingSell|
Forex Signal No.264|Buy NatGas@3.860|SL:3.844|TP1:4.050|TP2:4.090|2013.05.12 20:40 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.263|Sell EUR/AUD @1.3017|SL:1.3032|TP1:1.2950|TP2:1.2900|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|ScalpSell|SL HIT -15pips
Forex Signal No.262|Buy EUR/AUD @1.2616|SL:1.2579|TP1:1.3000|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|
Forex Signal No.261a|Buy Stop CrudeOil@97.05|SL:96.50|TP1:98.50|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.261b|Buy Limit CrudeOil@94.75|SL:94.47|TP1:98.50|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.260|Sell EUR/JPY@132.95|SL:133.21|TP1:132.25|TP2:131.60|2013.05.12 13:00 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 2
Forex Signal No.259|Sell EUR/JPY@132.25|SL:132.51|TP1:131.60|TP2:131.00|2013.05.12 13:00 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 1| TP1 HIT +64pips
Forex Signal No.258|Sell GBP/USD@1.5413|SL:1.5425|TP1:1.5320|TP2:1.5285|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|Scenario 1
Forex Signal No.257|Sell GBP/USD@1.5445|SL:1.5461|TP1:1.5320|TP2:1.5285|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|Scenario 2
Forex Signal No.256|Sell EUR/USD@1.3045|SL:1.3065|TP1:1.2935|TP2:1.2890|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|
Forex Signal No.254|Buy EUR/CAD@1.3075|SL:1.3035|TP1:1.3225|TP2:1.3300|2013.05.07 22:20 CET|SwingBuy|Closed @ 1.3100 +25pips   

Week from 13.05-17.05.2013                  +490pips in scalp,+124poind on DAX,+$ on Gold 14,5      -21 in swing,

Grand Total since 20.12.2012          +5583pips! 
                                                              +207 DAX Points
                                                               +22 SP500 points 
                                                               +$119,5 Gold
                                                                +115 NatGas
                                                                +110 Nikkei
                                                                       +5 Corn 
                                                                 +1 Soybeans

the pips are green but just beacuse I have been trading microlots on
the begining it was hard to make any sensible profit with such a small amounts (
for example : DAX, AUDJPY, GOLD).

Anyway I’m looking forward to next week and with $ 10 000 it will be more comparative to see the results next week!

Take care and green pips!
Sebasitan Seliga

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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