Hello Traders!

Last two days of trading were the most profitable
in whole week, mainly due to Japanese yet short trades. Thanks for that
trades I was able to lift the weekly losses from -4.36% to  -0.35% now.
was not much trading on major pairs like GBPUSD due to a lack of
movement and setup. Trades on EURUSD lacked the precise timming so I
need to keep them and wait for the trend to resume after correction.

The best trades this week were on GOOG: almost 3000 pips were made there, playing just 0,03 lots. No leverage yet.
worst dissapointment is AUDJPY leveraged trade that I have been
stalking for two weeks and on the final hour SL was hit before the
movement to the downside resumed. Pity because the overall gain would be
much more bigger on PAMM account.

Second dissapointment was NatGas trade.

The RECORD number of signals has been sent this week: 60 SIGNALS.

here are the results from last week and if trend resumes this week on
majors (EURUSD, GBPUSD) then it should be the most profitable week so

Trading Results:
Week from 20.05-24.05.2013                     +2564pips in scalp,(+2956onGOOG, -464onAAPL -$22onGold)

Grand Total since 20.12.2012             
+207 DAX Points                                                        
+22 SP500 points                                                         
+$99 Gold                                                         
+115 NatGas                                                       
+110 Nikkei                                                             
+5 Corn                                                             
+1 Soybeans
+2914 GOOGLE
+371 APPLE

Scalp trade is min:1 lot.
Swing Trade is min: 0,1lot.
Leverage is 600:1

Have a nice Sunday!

Sebastian Seliga

Weeks From 20.05.2013 – 24.05.2013:

Forex Signal No.311|Sell GOOG@886.04|SL:890.25|TP1:870.50|TP1:850.00|2013.05.23 17:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed +1108pips
Forex Signal No.310|Sell AAPL@443.75|SL:450.25|TP1:434.50|TP1:430.00|2013.05.23 17:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed -83pips
Forex Signal No.310|Sell CAD/JPY@98.04|SL:99.58|TP1:97.23|TP2:96.07|2013.05.24 13:00 CET|SwingSell|  Closed @ 97.79 +25pips
Forex Signal No.309|Sell AUD/JPY@98.07|SL:100.08|TP1:97.33|TP2:96.07|2013.05.24 13:00 CET|SwingSell|  Closed @ 97.81 + 29pips
Forex Signal No.308|Sell GBP/JPY@153.40|SL:155.15|TP1:151.10|TP2:147.00|2013.05.24 13:00 CET|SwingSell|Closed @152.63 +80pips
Forex Signal No.307|Sell USD/JPY@101.40|SL:102.65|TP:99.72|2013.05.24 12:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 101.08 +32pips
Forex Signal No.306a|Sell EUR/USD@1.2845|SL:1.3051|TP:1.2700|TP:2.1.2600|2013.05.23 07:30 CET|SwingSell| 

Forex Signal No.306a|Sell EUR/USD@1.2862|SL:1.3051|TP:1.2700|TP:2.1.2600|2013.05.23 07:30 CET|SwingSell| 

Forex Signal No.306a|Sell EUR/USD@1.2884|SL:1.3051|TP:1.2700|TP:2.1.2600|2013.05.23 07:30 CET|SwingSell|

Forex Signal No.306a|Sell EUR/USD@1.2953|SL:1.3051|TP:1.2700|TP:2.1.2600|2013.05.23 07:30 CET|SwingSell|  Closed @ 1.2920 +33pips
Forex Signal No.305a|Buy AAPL@448.21|SL:446|TP1:450.50|2013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingBuy|SL HIT -223pips
Forex Signal No.305b|Buy AAPL@447.31|SL:446|TP1:450.50|2013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingBuy|SL HIT -155pips
Forex Signal No.304a|Sell GOOG@900.85|SL:921.78|TP1:888.00|2013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed @ 987.65 +1325pips
Forex Signal No.304b|Sell GOOG@893.55|SL:921.78|TP1:888.00|2013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed @ 987.65 +481pips
Forex Signal No.303a|Sell NatGas@4.161|SL:4.231|TP1:3.890|TP2:3.75|02013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingSell|  SL HIT -70pips
Forex Signal No.303b|Sell NatGas@4.185|SL:4.231|TP1:3.890|TP2:3.75|02013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingSell|  SL HIT -45pips
Forex Signal No.303c|Sell NatGas@4.210|SL:4.231|TP1:3.890|TP2:3.75|02013.05.22 17:30 CET|SwingSell|  SL HIT -20pips
Forex Signal No.302a|Sell USD/CHF@0.9704|SL:0.9774|TP1:0.9588|2013.05.20 07:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed @ 0.9681 +25pips
Forex Signal No.302b|Sell USD/CHF@0.9665|SL:0.9774|TP1:0.9588|2013.05.20 07:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 0.9681-16pips
Forex Signal No.302a|Sell USD/CHF@0.9705|SL:0.9774|TP1:0.9588|2013.05.20 07:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 0.9681 +25pips
Forex Signal No.302a|Sell USD/CHF@0.9693|SL:0.9774|TP1:0.9588|2013.05.20 07:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 0.9681 +12pips
Forex Signal No.301a|Sell Gold@$1361|SL:$1367|TP1:$1321|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT +$9
Forex Signal No.301b|Sell Gold@$1356|SL:$1367|TP1:$1321|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT +$3
 Forex Signal No.300a|Sell AUD/JPY@100.42|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:99.50|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1| Closed @ 100.78 -36pips
Forex Signal No.300b|Sell AUD/JPY@100.12|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:99.50|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|  Closed @ 100.68 -60pips
Forex Signal No.300c|Sell AUD/JPY@100.18|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:99.50|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1| Closed @ 100.78 -60pips
Forex Signal No.300d|Sell AUD/JPY@100.29|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:99.50|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 1| Closed @ 100.78 -50pips  biggest loose ever
Forex Signal No.299a|Sell NatGas@4.134|SL:4.4136|TP1:3.864|TP2:3.700|2013.05.20 19:00 CET|SwingSell| Closed +50pips
Forex Signal No.299b|Sell NatGas@4.116|SL:4.4136|TP1:3.864|TP2:3.700|2013.05.20 19:00 CET|SwingSell| Closed +32pips
Forex Signal No.299c|Sell NatGas@4.104|SL:4.4136|TP1:3.864|TP2:3.700|2013.05.20 19:00 CET|SwingSell| Closed +20pips
Forex Signal No.298a|Buy CAD/JPY@100|SL:99.30|TP1:102.10|2013.05.19 14:30 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.298b|Buy CAD/JPY@99.75|SL:99.30|TP1:102.10|2013.05.19 14:30CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.297a|Sell NZD/USD@0.8150|SL:0.8185|TP1:0.7950|TP2:0.7750|2013.05.19 12:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.297ab|Sell NZD/USD@0.8250|SL:0.8295|TP1:0.7950|TP2:0.7750|2013.05.19 12:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.296a|Buy GBP/AUD@1.5350SL:1.5285|TP1:1.5520|TP2:1.5700|2013.05.19 12:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.296b|Buy GBP/AUD@1.5300SL:1.5285|TP1:1.5520|TP2:1.5700|2013.05.19 12:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.295|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5670SL:1.5685|TP1:1.5520|TP2:1.5350|2013.05.19 12:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.294|Buy EUR/NZD @1.5811|SL:1.5759|TP1:1.600|TP2:1.6300|2013.05.19 11:00 CET|SwingBuy|SL HIT -52pips
Forex Signal No.293|Sell AUD/JPY@100.60|SL:101.01|TP1:99.60|TP2:99.00|2013.05.19 10:00 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.78 -18pips
Forex Signal No.292|Sell NatGas@4.090|SL:4.125|TP1:3.730|TP2:3.600|2013.05.18 20:40 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.291|Sell EUR/AUD @1.3200|SL:1.3235|TP1:1.3050|TP2:1.300|2013.05.18 17:00 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 1.3135 +65pips
Forex Signal No.290|Buy EUR/AUD @1.3000|SL:1.2979|TP1:1.3200|TP2:1.3300|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.289a|Sell EUR/GBP@0.8470|SL:0.8516|TP1:0.8395|TP2:0.8280|2013.05.18 19:00 CET|SwingSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.289b|Sell EUR/GBP@0.8490|SL:0.8516|TP1:0.8395|TP2:0.8280|2013.05.18 19:00 CET|ScalpSell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.288|Sell EUR/JPY@132.95|SL:133.21|TP1:132.25|TP2:131.60|2013.05.12 13:00 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 2
Forex Signal No.287|Sell USD/JPY@104.35|SL:104.55|TP1:103.10|TP2:102.800|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell
Forex Signal No.286|Buy USD/JPY@102.80|SL:102.50|TP1:104.35|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -30pips
Forex Signal No.285a|Sell GBP/USD@1.5315|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.285b|Sell GBP/USD@1.5375|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSellINVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.285c|Sell GBP/USD@1.5260|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSellINVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.285d|Sell GBP/USD@1.5215|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSellINVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.285e|Sell GBP/USD@1.5235|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +60pips
Forex Signal No.285f|Sell GBP/USD@1.5223|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +50pips
Forex Signal No.285g|Sell GBP/USD@1.5235|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +60pips
Forex Signal No.285h|Sell GBP/USD@1.5212|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +37pips
Forex Signal No.285i|Sell GBP/USD@1.5196|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +22pips
Forex Signal No.285j|Sell GBP/USD@1.5185|SL:1.5460|TP1:1.5000|TP2:1.4850|2013.05.18 16:30 CET|SwingSell| Closed @ 1.5174 +11pips  
Forex Signal No.284|Sell DAX@8560|SL:8575|TP1:8350|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|
Forex Signal No.283a|Sell Gold@$1387|SL:$1395|TP1:$1321|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -$8
Forex Signal No.283b|Sell Gold@$1367|SL:$1395|TP1:$1321|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -$28
Forex Signal No.282a|Sell EUR/USD@1.2850|SL:1.2901|TP1:1.2725|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -50pips
Forex Signal No.282b|Sell EUR/USD@1.2850|SL:1.2901|TP1:1.2725|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -50pips
Forex Signal No.281|Buy EUR/USD@1.2725|SL:1.2695|TP1:1.2800|TP2:1.2850|2013.05.18 07:30 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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