Hello Traders!

Those are the results for this week: +3.2% on PAMM account and over 1077pips  made!

I have  been not
using leverage trading PAMM acccount due to no setup present to take
this kind of risk. Maybe next week will bring more opportunities.

Please remember that Sigma_Square is my VIP SERVCE alias.

Weeks From 10.06.2013 – 14.06.2013
Forex Signal No.332|Sell CAD/JPY@97.04|SL:97.55|TP1:96.84|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|Scalp|LiveTweet|Closed +7pips
Forex Signal No.332|Sell CAD/JPY@97.04|SL:97.55|TP1:96.84|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|Scalp|LiveTweet|Closed +14pips
Forex Signal No.332|Sell CAD/JPY@97.27|SL:97.55|TP1:96.84|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|Scalp|LiveTweet|Closed +31pips
Forex Signal No.331a|Sell USD/JPY@97.70|SL:97.85|TP1:96.31|TP2:95.00|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| TrendLineSell| INVALIDATED due to Opening Gap
Forex Signal No.332b|Sell USD/JPY@98.30|SL:98.46|TP1:96.31|TP2:95.00|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| FiboClusterSell| SL Hit -16pips
Forex Signal No.331c|Sell USD/JPY@98.80|SL:99.55|TP1:96.31|TP2:95.00|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| TechResistanceSell|Closed +25pips
Forex Signal No.331d|Sell USD/JPY@99.13|SL:99.55|TP1:96.31|TP2:95.00|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| TechResistanceSell|Closed +31pips
Forex Signal No.331a|Sell USD/JPY@99.30|SL:99.55|TP1:96.31|TP2:95.00|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| LITSSell| T1 & TP2 Hit +430pips
Forex Signal No.330a|Sell EUR/JPY@129.05|SL:130.05|TP1:125.50|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| INVALIDATED due to Opening Gap
Forex Signal No.330b|Sell EUR/JPY@129.60|SL:130.05|TP1:125.50|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell| SL HIT -45pips
Forex Signal No.329|Sell GBP/USD@1.5850|SL:1.5920|TP1:1.5600|TP2:1.500|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell|
Forex Signal No.327|Sell EUR/USD@1.3343|SL:1.3373|TP1:1.3000|TP2:1.27500|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 2| SL Hit -30pips
Forex Signal No.328|Sell EUR/USD@1.3505|SL:1.3737|TP1:1.3000|TP2:1.27500|2013.06.09 16:30 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 3

Additional +630pips made in various swing trades tweeted live on my private stream on Twitter that is availabe for VIP SERVICE subscribers. JOIN NOW TO THE VIP SERVICE TO RECEIVE  LIVE BUY and SELL SIGNALS!!!

Week from 10.06-14.06.2013                      +1077pips in scalp                                                     

Grand Total since 20.12.2012             
+207 DAX Points                                                        
+22 SP500 points                                                         
+$49 Gold                                                         
 +115 NatGas                                                       
+110 Nikkei                                                             
+5 Corn                                                            

+1 Soybeans
+2914 GOOGLE
+371 APPLE

of the week is of course USDJPY Shorts: almost spot on analysys and
then if You have been patient enough You coud make a lot of pips because
all TP levels were hit and beyond!!!

We are back on track!

 More details is on RESULTS page of this blog.

Sebastian Seliga

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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