Hello Traders!

It was very good week with almost 100% accuracy of signals.
I have been expecting more voliate week so my TP levels were a little off hand but I have closed all profitable trades as soon as I realised that price does’t want to go in my direction anymore. All closing levels have been posted live on Twitter.

Nevertheless, I’m still red on monthly basis but please notice I have not been trading for like 3 weeeks.


Weeks From 22.07.2013 – 26.07.2013:

MONDAY: +30pips
TUESDAY:  +134 pips
WEDNESDAY: +711pips  
THURSDAY: +76pips
( + 11% of the account so far)
TOTAL:  +951 pips


Week from 20Dec – 30Dec:               +145pips
Weeks from 31Dec – 11Jan:              +543 pips
Week from  14Jan – 18 Jan                +208pips
Week from 21Jan – 25Jan                 +215pips
Week from 28Jan – 1Feb                  +128pips( +10 Dax points + 8$ on Gold)
Week from 04Feb-08Feb                   +93pips  
Weeks From 11.02- 22.02.2013          +138pips,(+$66 on Gold, -10Dax  points)
Week from 25.02 – 01.03. 2013           +158pisps in scalp, +180pips in swing, -3 SP500 points
Week from 04.03 – 08.03. 2013           +150pips in scalp,   +50pips in swing
Week from 10.03 – 15.03.2013            +40pips in scalp,      -40pips in swing ,  -$2 on Gold
Week from 18.03 – 22.03.2013             +101pips in scalp, +5points on SP500
Week from  25.03 – 29.032013             +326pips in scalp, +210pips in swing, +95points on DAX
Week From 01.04-05.04.2013             +42pips in scalp, +1420pips in swing, -16points on DAX   
Week From 08.04-12.04.2013              +15pips in scalp, +20points DAX, -75pips in swing,
Week from 15.04-19.04.2013                 +85pips in scalp, +177pips in swing, +$21 on Gold
Week from 22.04-26.04.2013                 +30pips in scalp, +105pips in swing, +115poins in NatGas,+20points on SP500, +5points on Corn, +110points on Nikkei, -13points in DAX
Week from 29.04-03.05.2013                  +112pips in swing, +1point on Soybeans, -3poins in DAX,
Week from 06.05-10.05.2013                  +580pips in swing, -15pips in scalp
Week from 13.05-17.05.2013                  +490pips in scalp,+124poind on DAX,+$ on Gold 14,5      -21 in swing, 
Week from 20.05-24.05.2013                     +2564pips in scalp,(+2956onGOOG, -464onAAPL -$22onGold
Week from 27.05-31.05.2013                      -223inScalp, -$50onGold,-26pipsonSwing
Week from 10.06-14.06.2013                      +1077 pips in scalp                                                     
Week from 17.06-21.06.2013                      +92 pips in scalp 
Week from 24.06-28.06.2013                       -850 pips in swing
Week from 01.07-05.07.2013                       +147 pips in scalp
Week from 08.07-13.07.2013                       NO TRADING
Week from 15.07-20.07.2013                       NO TRADING
Week from 22.07-26.07.2013                        +951 pips in scalp

Grand Total since 20.12.2012             
+207 DAX Points                                                        
+22 SP500 points                                                         
+$49 Gold                                                         
 +115 NatGas                                                       
+110 Nikkei                                                             
+5 Corn                                                             
+1 Soybeans
+2914 GOOGLE
+371 APPLE

 New charts of Futures ( Natural Gas, Wheat, Corn, Coffee, Cocoa, Silver) and Long Term Forex charts will all be updated this week ALONG with new signals for limit orders and Weekly Trading Plan on RESISTANCEINVEST.COM Sigma_Square Service.

Green pips to everyone!

Sebastian Seliga


Forex Signal No.331|Sell EUR/JPY@131.80|SL:132.32|TP1:131.50|2013.07.22 11:30 CET|SwingSell| +30pips
Forex Signal No.332|Sell EUR/AUD@1.4326|SL:1.4356|TP1:1.4180||TP2:1.4105|2013.07.22 11:20 CET|ScalpSell|Closed -25pips
Forex Signal No.333a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.6623|SL:1.6776|TP1:1.6130|2013.07.22 11:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed +43pips
Forex Signal No.333b|Sell GBP/AUD@1.6597|SL:1.6776|TP1:1.6130|2013.07.22 11:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed -10pips
Forex Signal No.333c|Sell GBP/AUD@1.6598|SL:1.6776|TP1:1.6180|2013.07.23 16:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed +6pips
Forex Signal No.334|Sell Gold@1315|SL:1325.25|TP1:1300||TP2:12805|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +13pips
Forex Signal No.334a|Sell Gold@1337|SL:1355.25|TP1:1300||TP2:12805|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +21pips
Forex Signal No.334b|Sell Gold@1331|SL:1355.25|TP1:1300||TP2:12805|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +5pips
Forex Signal No.334c|Sell Gold@1321|SL:1355.25|TP1:1300||TP2:12805|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +9pips
Forex Signal No.334d|Sell Gold@1326|SL:1355.25|TP1:1300||TP2:12805|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell| Closed +29pips
Forex Signal No.335|Buy EUR/NZD@1.6652|SL:1.6540|TP:1.6755|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|SL HIT -112 pips
Forex Signal No.336|Buy EUR/NZD@1.6603|SL:1.6540|TP:1.6755|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +28pips
Forex Signal No.337|Sell AUD/USD @0.9241|SL:0.9300|TP:0.9005|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|SwingSell| Closed +30pips
Forex Signal No.338|Sell NZD/USD @0.7919|SL:0.8001|TP:0.7730|2013.07.22 11:40 CET|SwingSell| SL HIT -82pips
Forex Signal No.339|Sell GBP/USD @1.5390|SL:1.5525|TP:1.4800|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell| Closed +89 pips
Forex Signal No.339a|Sell GBP/USD @1.5329|SL:1.5525|TP:1.4800|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell|Closed +33pips
Forex Signal No.339b|Sell GBP/USD @1.5341|SL:1.5525|TP:1.4800|2013.07.23 12:20 CET|SwingSell|Closed +41pips
Forex Signal No.339c Sell GBP/USD @1.5373|SL:1.5525|TP:1.4800|2013.07.23 11:50 CET|SwingSell|Closed +74pips
Forex Signal No.340|BuyGBP/CAD@1.5877|SL:1.5767|TP:1.6060|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell|IN PLAY
Forex Signal No.340a|BuyGBP/CAD@1.5826|SL:1.5767|TP:1.6060|2013.07.23 16:30 CET|SwingSell|Closed +7pips
Forex Signal No.341|Sell AUD/USD@0.9261|SL:0.9315|TP:0.9005|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell|Closed +31pips
Forex Signal No.341a|Sell AUD/USD@0.9237|SL:0.9315|TP:0.9005|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell|Closed +37pips
Forex Signal No.341b|Sell AUD/USD@0.9296|SL:0.9315|TP:0.9005|2013.07.22 12:10 CET|SwingSell|+41pips
Forex Signal No.341c |Sell AUD/USD@0.9200|SL:0.9315|TP:0.9005|2013.07.24 10:10 CET|SwingSell|+10pips
Forex Signal No.342a |Sell Crude Oil@106.57|SL:107.25|TP:106|2013.07.23 09:40 CET|ScalpSell|  Closed +50pips
Forex Signal No.342b |Sell Crude Oil@106.31|SL:107.25|TP:106|2013.07.23 09:40 CET|ScalpSell|  Closed +22pips
Forex Signal No.342c |Sell Crude Oil@107.51|SL:110|TP:106|2013.07.23 09:40 CET|ScalpSell|  Closed +40pips
Forex Signal No.342d |Sell Crude Oil@107.00|SL:110|TP:106|2013.07.23 09:40 CET|ScalpSell|  Closed -11pips
Forex Signal No.342e |Sell Crude Oil@106.82|SL:110|TP:105.60|2013.07.23 19:00 CET|ScalpSell|  Closed +113pips
Forex Signal No.343|Buy EUR/NZD@1.6525|SL:1.6500|TP:?|2013.07.23 15:40 CET|ScalBuyl|Closed +52pips
Forex Signal No.344|Buy Gold@1331|SL:1326|TP? ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpBuy|Closed +9pips
Forex Signal No.345|Buy Gold@1333|SL:1326|TP:1337 ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpBuy|+21pips
Forex Signal No.346|SellGold@1347|SL:1355|TP:1337 ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpSell|+60pips
Forex Signal No.347|SellGold@1343|SL:1355|TP:1337 ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpSell|+13pips
Forex Signal No.348|SellGold@1343|SL:1355|TP:1337 ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpSell|+12pips
Forex Signal No.349SellGold@1334|SL:1355|TP:1337 ||2013.07.23 14:30 CET|ScalpSell|+34pips
Forex Signal No.350|Sell EUR/AUD@1.4395|SL:1.4476TP1:1.4350||2013.07.25 12:47 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +25pips
Forex Signal No.350a|Sell EUR/AUD@1.4309|SL:1.4476TP1:1.4350||2013.07.25 12:07 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +41pips
Forex Signal No.350b|Sell EUR/AUD@1.4378|SL:1.4476TP1:1.4350||2013.07.25 14:17 CET|ScalpSell|Closed +10pips

Sebastian Seliga

Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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