AIRDROPSMART is a Decentralized Booster Social Networks Project to Boost Easily and Quickly your #Airdrop#Bounty#Twitter account,#Telegram account, #Youtube account.
ASMT token will be the payment method to get each new member, subscriber or follower!
Schematically this looks like this:


There is an ongoing AirDrop for this project where you can receive free ASMT tokens.
You Need to Collect at least 200 Entries and Confirm your Email to be eligible for this Contest!

BOUNTY: 50M ASMT Token ($10 to $5000 in ASMT Token to claim)

?Grand Prize Winner Contest: 500,000 ASMT token
?2sd to 10th: 250,000 ASMT token
?11th to 25th: 50,000 ASMT token
?26th to 50th: 25,000 ASMT token
?51 th to 100th: 10,000 ASMT token
?101th to 500th: 5,000 ASMT token
?501th to 1000th: 2500 ASMT token
?1001th to 50000th: 1000 ASMT token

?You will receive your ASMT token directly on our platform Airdropsmart.io at the end in 2018, October. You could use them or ask a Widthdraw on your Eth Wallet Address!

?1 ASMT = $0.01

?Share your Special Url (Get it in your airdrop page) into your Social Networks Pages to win more ASMT token!

? You get 1000 ASMT Bonus at least in our Contest. Complete Tasks to earn more!

Click here if you want to participate in airdrop:


AirdropSmart.io plan to make an ICO on January 2019 or sooner. First, they need to sell at least 1000 lead programs before programming ASMT ICO.
More information:
Website Project: https://www.airdropsmart.io
CEO Project: https://t.me/Voiloo
BitcoinTalk Page: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4567178.0

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Aktywny trader, analityk, ekspert metod inwestycyjnych bazujących na teorii fal Elliott'a, geometrii Fibonacciego i nie tylko.

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